Thursday, December 2, 2010

Overstepping Boundaries

Superior, Wisconsin City Councilor Greg Mertzig wants to ban toys in Happy Meals and is proposing an ordinance to do so. Don't we have bigger issues to worry about than the toys in a Happy Meal? When will government over stepping its boundaries stop? Will you start banning toys in foods like Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, and Cracker Jack because they have toys in the boxes along with high calorie counts? They too would have to be removed from the shelves with this logic.

Mr. Mertzig, weren't you the councilor who claimed you didn't have time to serve on other committees so you quit them while still collecting your full pay? That's $650/month or $325/hour. That salary makes you the highest paid elected official in Wisconsin. Is this what you conjured up with the extra time you had from not serving on those committees? The City Council of Superior will be the laughing stock of Wisconsin. This is government over-reach of the highest degree.

A few more questions Mr. Mertzig: You were the only councilor that voted against banning the K-2 drug but you support banning toys in a Happy Meal; why? What makes you think you have the right to replace parenting with legislation? Why does a very small minority trump the freedom of the majority?

Has it occurred to you that perhaps that's the bright spot in some kid's day; the fact that they get a toy with their meal? The home life of some kids leaves them in the situation in which the toy in the Happy Meal is all they have to look forward to and you want to take that away? Are you going to tie the police up to enforce this?

As a city taxpayer, it's my desire that you concentrate on tackling more important problems rather than the toy in a Happy Meal. The only thing that should be banned is Cracker Jack ideas like this.

To be clear, the issue is not the toy in the Happy Meal but rather the misguided idea that a legislator believes he has unlimited authority. This is another liberal "feel good" idea that is a blatant waste of tax dollars.

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