Friday, October 15, 2010

Political Correctness Run Astray

The truth is the liberal "feel good, do-gooders" that are promoting political correctness with the intention of uniting America are actually polarizing this country; yet they refuse to see it. 

For example, my employer is already talking about the "Holiday Social."  The previous administrative assistant used to call it a "Christmas Party" after I kept telling her that it's not illegal and that I don't attend "holiday socials" but I do attend Christmas Parties.  After a couple of years of telling her that, and telling her that if she would call it a Christmas Party and place it in the written announcements as such, I would attend.  She finally called my bluff (so to speak) and did it.  Of course she never received a single complaint and only comments of thanks for doing so; I was committed to keeping my promise.  I went to the Christmas Party for the last two years now and they were fantastic.

Unfortunately, she retired and her replacement refuses to do it stating, "She was told not to."  I have my doubts about that but that's another story.  Nonetheless, the political correctness of not calling it what it is so that no one is offended is hypocritical!  What if I'm offended that it's not called a Christmas party?  As a Christian, I do believe we need to be sensitive to others but I also believe that we don't have to be a door mat for everyone else to walk on our beliefs.

Political correctness intends to not offend anyone except that it always detracts from the beliefs of one group (or individual) to attempt to satisfy another group (usually a small minority).  What could be more polarizing than political correctness?  In light of the United States Constitution, where does political correctness allow for one group's belief to trump those of another?  Where does it become acceptable to trample on one group's beliefs and traditions to favor anothers; especially when the group trampled is a vast majority?

In conclusion, what political correctness intends to do - unite Americans - actually has the opposite effect of polarizing our people.  Just look at the politics of the day for proof.  Could this country be more polarized?

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