Friday, September 17, 2010

Democrats Lead Legislative Sham

This is my response to Herb Kohl's letter telling me why he supported the sham small-business legislation. 

Senator Kohl,

Small businesses don't need loans, they need customers.  Loans create more debt and small businesses can't afford it.  Based on your voting record, I'm convinced that you have no idea how debt affects a business, state, economy, and nation.

Speaking as a small business owner, I can tell you that we need customers! You and the Democratic machine still don't get it.  Tax cuts across the board will free up money that will allow consumers to purchase what we're selling.  We don't want more debt, we want customers.  Why not look at creating jobs through helping businesses create demand for their products and services rather than through credit?  Your approach has never worked and it never will.  This is a political ploy to save your party's butt in an election year.

Tax cuts across the board free up money that consumers would normally spend on taxes, thereby, giving the consumer more buying power.  Business tax cuts free up money that businesess would normally spend on taxes and allows them to make investments in growing their business while consumers have increased demand for the businesses' products and services.  When businesses grow so do job opportunities.  Tax cuts fuel a two-way approach to jump starting the economy; one from the demand side and the other from the
supply (business) side.

I'm amazed that Kohls stores are still in business with the approach you always take.  But then again, I'm forced to remember that it was a business savvy CEO that built the empire and not you personally.  In other words you talk tax cuts but have a record of voting for spending, debt, and higher taxes.  I can't wait til your up for re-election.