Monday, May 16, 2011

Starting Points!

These are my thoughts on Stephen Hawking's latest proclamation that there's no afterlife.  "The fool has said in his heart that there is no God." [iii]
There's no doubt that Mr. Hawking is an intelligent man; but is he really as intelligent as he and the media want you to believe?
The Bible’s first verse says, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth …”[i] Hawking states that matter always existed and at one time, it was all in a container smaller than the size of a pin head. What? All the matter in the universe was confined in something smaller than the head of a pin? If this were true of matter, shouldn't you be able to stuff an unlimited number of garments in a suitcase? We'd need only one garbage bag for a lifetime!
So when it supposedly exploded, (the so-called big bang) it all came out and organized into solar systems, galaxies, planets, moons, stars, etc. with the incredible order that it now possesses? How does Hawking know it exploded? Was he there? Now that takes faith to believe!
Mr. Hawking, and the scientific community for that matter, would really be on to something if he could explain the following: 
  1. How matter generated from nothing. The big bang theory doesn't explain that. In the beginning there was absolutely nothing, no matter, no space, no vacuum, no heavens, no earth. Absolutely nothing existed. He, nor the scientific community, can explain that. 
  2. If you take a frog, place it in a blender and turn it on for a minute and then turn it off. Pour out that “goo” somewhere in an atmosphere that would support life. Since all the things needed to create life, both atmospheric and chemical are present, how long would it take before all of these things "evolve" into a frog? It wouldn't! It would either dry up or become infected with bacteria due to decomposition long before anything else happened. Bacterial infection is not evolution! For this reason alone, evolution is impossible because the “goo” Hawking claims we came from couldn't survive since it would either dry up or decompose long before any of this happened. He, nor the scientific community, can explain that.
  3. How do you get around the decomposition dilemma? Since microbes like bacteria are further down the evolutionary chain than human beings, the microbes would prevent further evolution from ever happening. Since these microbes are responsible for the decomposition of organic material, like the "goo" that Hawking claims we have come from, the evolutionary process would've ended at this point. If the primordial soup would have everything available for life to form, it would have been infected by the bacteria responsible for decomposition, which already formed earlier in the evolutionary sequence, and would cause the primordial soup to decompose. This would be an endless cycle at this point, the goo would form once again and once again, decomposition would run its course. So how did life make the leap past this dilemma? Hawking, nor the scientific community, can explain that.
  4. How DNA would've formed from nothing. How DNA could progress from a simpler form to a more complex form; i.e., how information was added to DNA to make it more complex. Yet when cells split, we see that a small piece of information is only lost. Throughout history, there is not one single example of information being added to DNA. He, nor the scientific community, can explain that.
  5. How our ability to reason works or was developed. It's what sets us apart from animals. Some incorrectly believe that animals can reason in that they do tricks, fetch food, etc. However, these are the result of instincts and training, not reasoning. Reasoning includes planning, logical thought, and anticipating reactions, etc. He, nor the scientific community, can explain that.
  6. When he says that we should live the best life we can: Who, or what mechanism, would set the standard for good? “Society” is not a correct answer. If society suddenly deemed that murder, pedophilia, or rape are acceptable, does that make it good or right? He, nor the scientific community, can explain that. 
Since Mr. Hawking, nor the scientific community, cannot explain these things it is merely opinion. The bible says that the “wisdom of man is but foolishness to God.”[ii] I like my chances of putting my faith in Jesus Christ a whole lot better than putting my faith in the statements of a man with a high level of so-called "intelligence."
If I'm wrong, I'm no better off than Hawking but if I'm right; oh man, if I'm right, I can't even come close to imagining what God has prepared for me as His word says. It’s my hope Hawking seea this logical conclusion before he dies as well. "
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[i] Gen 1:1, KJV[ii] 1 Cor 3:19, NIV[iii] Psalm 14:1, NIV