Thursday, January 13, 2011

Arizona Speech: Made for TV

Although President Obama did a nice job with his speech last night, I see it for what it was.  A "Wellstone funeral-like" moment designed to score political points for the President.  He's rarely, if ever, been to Arizona and when he filed a lawsuit against the state has shown that he doesn't really care about it.  It's evident that he followed Rahm Emanuel's philosophy:  "Don't let a good crisis go to waste." 

Since when does the President show up for the funeral of a commoner?  Dare I say, if this didn't involve a US Representative, this would've been another mad man story; just another one that went over the edge, and after his15 minutes of notoriety, he would've warranted no further comments from the media.  Nonetheless, mass hysteria has ensued because the liberal media has fanned the flames of hyper-partisan dialog.

However, have you noticed how the liberal media is trying to build this up to be an event equivalent of another 9/11 and that we need the national healing that only Obama can provide?  Admittedly, it was a serious tragedy, but nothing on a scale that caused the serious mourning and introspection of 9/11, yet the media has hyped this event to be as large (or larger) than that.

The radical left is trying to use this as an opportunity to push the Fairness Doctrine, squash free speech of dissenters and, more importantly, renew a strong call for gun control.  The left knows it's much easier to control sheep rather than people. 

I'm not ready to cede to the notion that President Obama did a great job on this speech.  After all, his liberal media friends painted a picture in which the President would arrive on the scene, in the nick of time, so that he may appear as a national savior.  Obviously he is not.  Many people coached him on what and what not to say last night.  I'm sure his speech writers have been working on this as soon as word was received that Rep. Giffords was involved.  There's no doubt he's a good orator; perhaps a great orator.  Wonderful speaking skills do not make a good President.  Need I say more?

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